Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adams Morgan sucks

Last night I declined a Four Loko and did not cave when peer pressure was applied. I have read multiple news pieces about how destructive a drink it is and how people should be very careful using it, so I think rises below the level of prudent to drink it. Thus I had no problem recalling my Dare training from 5th grade and just saying no. I had a sip of someone else's - it was absolutely disgusting. It tasted like an alcoholic, foul melted Icee that you would get at AMC Theaters. How you could be excited to drink that is beyond me. It also didn't help the case of Four Loko that a few of the girls who were drinking it kept talking about how they had heard it made people poop their pants so they kept making poop accident jokes. Let's all sign up for this beverage.
After playing flip cup at the bar (classiest bar ever!) for free (a redeeming quality to the evening), Damien and I went to McDonald's in Adams Morgan. It was around 11 PM and a police officer walked into the store. Apparently he had a shift there, and this was a necessary use of his time. Really, it was. First he had to wake up a homeless woman who had been sleeping at a table and ask her to leave as long as she wasn't buying anything. Damien was initially appalled by her presence, but had a change of heart and gave her $5 so she could keep buying food and stay in the McDonalds. (Damien absolutely wins good samaritan of the night; he later on stopped a robbery/assault happening on his street and gave chase to the robber. Damien's street is maybe not a haven of tranquility.) Then 5 minutes after the cop took up his post at McDonalds, at 11 pm might I remind you, he had to break up a fight between two groups of kids who walked in and started talking trash to each other. Within a minute of the altercation beginning there were six police officers in McDonalds. So there is a police action going one while I am sitting there eating my McDouble. That is about the last store I want to return to the next time I need french fries. I hope the rest of that officer's shift went easier, but somehow I doubt that it did. And that's why Adams Morgan sucks on weekends.

Another thing that sucks is when men have to pay a cover but ladies get in for free. I do not appreciate that, and I do not appreciate the demeanor with which women enter such establishments while the men in the group are stopped by a bouncer to shell out money. Oh, this was also in Adams Morgan. Did I mention that Adams Morgan sucks? Remember equal rights-the key word there is equal.
Of course I later surmised the reason that ladies were free. The upstairs was a lesbian club. There was so much flannel!

A brief note to myself: next time don't eat that empanada. You'll regret it almost immediately.

Friday night I saw Gavi's brother do standup. I had not been to a comedy show in a long time, so it was quite refreshing. Gavi's brother was very good and there were a few more comedians who had quality sets. Of course there was one guy who I could not stand. Right from his first joke I knew it was going to be bad. He had a voice like an annoying Gilbert Gottfried and relied on profanity as bigotry as crutches. "I'm generally a progressive guy, but I'm starting to hate gay people..." is not a good way to begin a joke. If that's your intro, that joke had better be fantastic. It was not; I was unhappy.

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